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We support our Partners......

  • Help open new markets and lead to sustained future business.
  • To bring cost –competitiveness in solutions/ offerings.
  • Indigenization through Transfer of Technology.
  • Train and develop skills at local level to ensure long lasting customer satisfaction.

Homeland Security and Strategic Division (HSSD)

The Homeland Security Division offers high technology biometric based security solutions such as Biometric Access Control Systems, etc.Grintex has highly experienced team members who have in depth knowledge & understanding of the requirement and thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the program. Our expertise includes Design and Integration of Interface devices, Integration of multi-vendor devices. We are working on various Homeland Security Solutions such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, Screening System, Surveillance Systems, and such other Security Solutions.

Being an exclusive Integrated Building Management System specialist, it is our constant endeavor to provide the customer reliable project installations, products and services within the agreed time frame. 

Grintex India Limited believes in creating repeat customers.

Grintex India Limited Systems has adequate system engineering skills and application specific expertise to design and implement systems with latest proven technologies, based on national / international codes, namely NFPA, NBC etc. The team is highly skilled and well trained to deliver security & safety solutions with excellence. The entire team works in an assembly line procedure Guaranteeing timely execution of projects. Information sharing among various Group companies helps to draw upon the technical expertise from different segments guaranteeing the best solutions.

Grintex India Limited prides itself on being able to provide prompt after-sales service at all its installations and third party installations by monitoring them on a regular basis, ensuring customer satisfaction and peak equipment efficiency. The company has assembled the necessary resources, to provide the best maintenance and repair services in the industry for their own as well as other installation bases.

We focus clearly on the customers. Integrity runs throughout our operation and by employing and developing the best people in the industry, we use our expertise to develop solutions to customers´┐Ż needs. GIL team is always on the forefront with fresh ideas and a command on the latest available technologies.

Target Customers:

  • Central Police Organisations.
  • Critical Infrastructures.
  • Para military forces.
  • State Police Departments
  • Airport and Ports.
  • Central and State Prisons.
  • Disaster Management Authority
  • Commercial Complexes

Strategic Team guides our customers in the Aerospace and Space domain to study, evaluate, shortlist, plan, execute and implement various Hi-end Technological Projects and further its continuous up gradation through active participation. 

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