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Satellite Communications

ND SatCom Grintex Communications Ltd (NDSG) provides strategic SatCom solutions for critical defense and government segments.

NDSG’s SatCom solutions are based on ND SatCom´s SkyWan® technologies are flexible and robust enough to be implemented as a main or backup networks for national terrestrial networks for critical applications. They provide reliable communications between many organizations even during times of crisis or other events in which a breakdown of terrestrial facilities may occur.  The network can be equipped with fix, transportable or mobile stations solutions from ND SatCom. Various user interfaces are available for telephony, video and computer connectivity, and customer furnished equipment and applications can easily be integrated. 

NDSG offers ND SatCom’s SkyWan® family products for SatCom solutions. The SkyWAN® is a very flexible and versatile VSAT system to establish wide area corporate network infrastructures via satellite for enterprises and governmental institutions. A wide variety of end user business communication applications are supported in a way yet to be matched in the industry. Legacy applications such as HDLC, SNA, X.25, analogue/digital voice can be combined with IP application such as Internet access, Voice over IP or IP Video. Low data rate applications with less than 16 kbit/s and high date rate applications with more than 8 Mbit/s are transferred smoothly and with utmost cost efficiency across the same wide area network infrastructure.

SkyWan is a Multi-Carrier (MF-TDMA) VSAT system supporting hub less communication between remote sites. This means that any station can be reached via a single satellite hop connection. SkyWan provides instant Bandwidth on Demand through its fully dynamic bandwidth allocation scheme. Space segment capacity is automatically assigned to a station requiring transmission capacity with utmost efficiency leaving free capacity for use by the other stations.

ND SatCom’s SkyWan offers the highest processing power and broadest capabilities as well as the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive communications solution available. It is based on the most up-to-date and advanced technology combined with the experience and innovative skills of our development engineers. With its top performance and proven customer base in more than 130 countries, SkyWanâprovides a powerful communication solution via satellite for Service Providers, Enterprises and Organizations.


Typical customer applications supported by SkyWan are:

  • Interconnection of LAN's supporting all business communications applications:
  • VoIP
  • IP Videoconferencing, IP video, multimedia communication
  • Internet access, with all related applications e.g. rapid file transfer
  • Radar, SCADA and other legacy protocols such as HDLC, SDLC, ASYNC, BSC
  • Digital or analogue Voice & Fax
  • Interconnection of PBX's, telephone/fax services or switching devices via SS7
  • Encryption of voice, fax and data over Frame Relay or IP
  • Business continuity and emergency backup communication facilities
  • Support of transportable stations using Drive & Fly or complete SNG-based solutions.
  • Support of mobile applications interconnecting local GSM/GPRS/UMTS cells
  • Air Traffic Control Applications e.g. VHF radio communication via satellite
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