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Aerospace: Space Technology Division:

Grintex's Space Technology Division was formed during the year 2011, as an offshoot of the successful involvement of Grintex India Ltd in the Indian SBAS-GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) program. Grintex was involved with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Raytheon right from the Technology Demonstration (TDS) Phase till the successful implementation of the Final Operational Phase (FOP) of the GAGAN project.

The mandate of the formation of this Division is to expand business in the satellite technology domain, related to the supply of electronic products, accessories etc., and for providing technical services in key areas of satellite development to ISRO Satellite Centre for communication, remote sensing and Scientific satellites of ISRO. An electronics laboratory was also set up by the division to meet the demand of manufacturing of electronic products for ground testing needs. This laboratory can be used as a test house for testing and development of electronic systems. The lab complies with ESD requirements to handle highly sensitive components/systems susceptible to electro static charge as per the standards required by Space industries.

Grintex is currently adding SMT capabilities for PCB components mounting , assembly, integration and testing towards manufacturing of Small and Nano-Satellites.

Services Offered:

This Division was engaged with ISRO Satellite Centre for over seven years towards providing high end technical services and handled 23 contracts with over 125 trained Grintex technical personnel deployed at ISAC site. This was for the realisation of satellites/sub systems for various Space mission applications. Grintex has been engaged in providing skilled engineering on site services to ISRO on several satellite manufacturing programs

  • Solar Panel Fabrication & Testing services.
  • CAD design & configuration services for Structural elements for Satellites.
  • Fabrication & Testing of Flight Batteries services for Satellites.
  • CAD design & configuration for Structural elements of Satellites.
  • Fabrication and testing of Flight Batteries for space crafts.
  • Testing of Simulator Equipment.
  • Software Testing and Documentations
  • Mechanism Assembly & Testing.
  • Process Qualification of PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Process.
  • Generation of 3D CAD support for AIT.
  • Modelling and Drawing work at DTDF.
  • Mechanical Assembly/ Component Solid Modelling & Fabrication Drawing.
  • Dynamic Static and Non-destructive Tests.
  • CNC Milling, Turning, Fitting, Part drawing works support for Central mechanical Fabrication facility.
  • Thermo vacuum testing activities at Spacecraft level and spacecraft subsystems levels
  • Operation and maintenance of Acoustics and Vibration Test facilities –AVTF/ETF-1
  • Technical support in PCB fabrication
  • Testing and inspection of materials and process for Spacecraft
  • Process qualification of PCB manufacturing and Assembly
  • Pattern Generation, Printing and Marking for PCBs
  • Online monitors manufacturing as per client requirements and specifications.


The space technology team consists of experienced electronics and communication engineers in testing and servicing of RF systems/equipments. Skilled Trained wireman, technicians and trained by ISRO for soldering ,wiring ,electronics fabrication and testing, solar panels cell bonding, wiring, assembly and testing, space batteries assembly and testing .


  • Mounting and Soldering PCB mount electronic components (pinned/surface mounted)/electronic subsystems
  • Manual Testing of PCBS/electronic systems, assembly
  • Secondary Wire harness fabrication, inspection and testing for spacecraft / aircraft
  • Testing and Servicing of Satcom equipments (TWTA, SSPA, BUC, Converters, LNA, Modem etc)
  • Testing and servicing of Navigational and air traffic control equipments.
  • R&D support for electronics Power Packages.

Onsite Support (Technical man power)

  • Electronic fabrication
  • Assembly ,Testing of Ni-CAD, Ni-H2 and Li-Ion batteries, Cell balancing electronic cards for Li-ion batteries
  • Solar panel fabrication activities (solar cells, clamps and diode board bonding, solar panel wiring including wire soldering/welding, testing of solar panels etc)

GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation System (GAGAN) program:

Grintex has been associated closely with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Raytheon, USA for implementation of the Indian SBAS- GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) system, from concept phase to operational phase. Some of the areas where Grintex supported includes:

  • Installed the Second INMCC (INDIAN MISSION CONTROL CENTRE )in Bangalore for the FOP
  • Installed and conducted SAT of the INLUS (Indian Land Uplink Station ) West in Bangalore for the FOP.
  • Interlinked both INMCC sites.
  • Installed and Tested 2 INRES (Indian Reference station )sites in various Airports in (Goa, Porbandar) INDIA for the FOP of GAGAN.
  • Tested and commissioned INLUS (Indian Land Uplink Station )site.
  • Installed Different application servers at INMCC Console.
  • Circuit Monitoring
  • Software and firmware Upgradation.
  • Rack and GPS antenna Installation.
  • Prepared Detailed SAT and FAT report
  • Supported Raytheon team on FINAL SAT of GAGAN FOP phase and handed over site to customer.
  • Maintained Equipment inventory and preparing RMA faulty unit
  • All logistics Services for GAGAN such as Import of Frequency Standard, Customs clearance/local logistics of material to respective INRES site
  • Import of Frequency Standards and handling logistics for hazardous material

Grintex received appreciation from ISRO for it's contribution towards India's prestigious GPS-aided GEO augmented navigation system(GAGAN) program.

Products delivered from the Grintex Lab to the Space Industry

Grintex has manufactured and delivered 41 & 61 Pin OLM's to ISRO.

A breakout box serves as a troubleshooting tool to determine the wiring of an electrical connector interface on a networking device or computer. Typically, a breakout box is inserted between two electrical devices to determine which signal or power interconnects are active. Breakout boxes are extremely useful in troubleshooting connection problems resulting from manufacturing errors (e.g., miswiring) or defective interconnects resulting from broken wiring. Breakout boxes are specific examples of a more general category of network testing equipment called "status monitors". Online monitors manufacturing will be undertaken as per client requirements and specifications.

61 Pin online Monitors

  • Body: ABSIP64 Fine Plastic Housing
  • Socket: Advanced 2 mm high quality silver coated make
  • Wire: Approved Teflon wire 22 AWG
  • Pin identification: numbers are screen printed in black
  • Pin no 1: Red color
  • Wire length: 50 cm wire bundle with lacing on both sides of OLM connector to connector
  • Color: Body color white
  • Ruggedness: To withstand multiple handling

41 Pin OLM

  • Body: Aluminum with powder coating finishing (Silver)-Rugged (Fabricated as per ISAC Drawing 41P-1/6)
  • Connector: 41 pin connector (Bucket type)
  • Sockets: 2 mm High Quality silver coated- ENP Make
  • Heat Shrinkable Transparent Sleeves: LG Make
  • Grommet: Novoflex Make
  • Wire Buffer length: 45 Cm (Typical) -(Wire routing and bundling, lacing of wire/cable tying incorporated in such a way to prevent excessive stretching during handling of OLM. Wire Looping close to solder pin ends done to prevent snapping of wires.
  • Bottom Bushes: Teflon Materials
  • Pin Identification: Screen printed .The No1 socket is of Red color and rest are black in color.

Micro-D 51 and 100 pin connectors (OLM)

  • Milgrade 51 pinand 100 pin pigtail connectors
  • Connector dimensions: MIL-DTL-83513
  • Crimp type with 18”long, 26AWG as per MIL-W-22759/11-26
  • Color coded as per MIL –STD-681, System 1, 10 colors repeating
  • One side plug and one side socket
  • Good quality 2 mm socket
  • Teflon wires
  • Length of the cable on both sides of monitor: Minimum 30 cm
  • Pin numbers screen printed
  • Approximate dimension : 14x9x4 cm for 51 pin OLM and 16x16x4 CM for 100 pin OLM
  • Distance between two consecutive rows and columns (hole to hole):1.2 cm
  • Box material:Steel with powder coating.



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