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Naval & Marine Systems Division:

Grintex NMSD’s core team comprises of highly experienced and qualified Ex-Navy Senior Naval Architects, Marine and Electrical Engineers that have a rich experience in design, operation, construction and project management of Naval and Marine ships. Additional experts/engineers are empanelled on its strength to augment the team dynamically based on the project requirement. Our design engineers have expertise in CAD Software like Ship Constructor, CATIA, Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks and AutoCAD.


Concept Design

  • Outline Specification
  • General Arrangement
  • Design Calculations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimation


  • Vender selection & development
  • Equipment selection
  • Technical offer scrutiny & negotiations
  • Test, trial & acceptance

Basic/Functional Design

  • Hull Form
  • Class and Statutory Drawings
  • Technical Specification
  • Structural Design
  • Machinery, Piping and HVAC
  • Layouts &Outfitting
  • Electrical Design

Functional Expertise

  • Naval Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineerings
  • Marine Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Weapon System Integration

Detail Design

  • Modelling
  • Production Drawings
  • Bill of Material
  • Local and Global Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis

Project Management

  • Project management (ship building)
  • Project execution plan
  • Construction supervision & project monitoring
  • Quality assurance procedure, analysis & control


Completed Projects

Following projects have been completed / delivered by Grintex:

  • Delivered Hull RTDs and Exploitation Manuals, CPL etc for a strategic sea going vessel
  • 50m long Catamaran trial ship of DRDO: Delivered complete Functional design and contract support to DRDO for a 50m long Catamaran trial ship. This included assistance in tendering process, identification and selection of shipyards etc. Later Grintex undertook turnkey design approval and construction supervision at shipyard’s site on behalf of customer, evaluation of harbor trials and sea acceptance trials besides handholding with DRDO till commissioning of the vessel.
  • Polar Research Vessel Project of NCPOR, India: Delivered Phase 1 comprising of Concept Design, Technical specifications & RFP documents in respect of Polar Research Vessel Project to NCPOR, India.
  • 95 meter Seismic Research vessel for Skipteknisk, Norway: Delivered complete basic structural design including ice- strengthening of a 95 meter Seismic Research vessel for Skipteknisk, Norway using latest DNV rules. Two vessels on the design have been built and are successfully operating at sea.
  • Contract designs of NOPV for GRSE (105 m long) and Bharati Shipyard (106 m long) and Cadet Training Ship (CTS 123 m long) for Bharati Shipyard: Delivered Contract designs of NOPV for GRSE (105 m long) and Bharati Shipyard (106 m long) and Cadet Training Ship (CTS 123 m long) for Bharati Shipyard. In addition ICG-OPV (95 m long) design was made available to Bharati Shipyard. These projects were technically accepted the Navy/ICG. The scope of work for these projects was as follows:-
    • Review of requirements and advise to yards
    • Sizing of vessel, preliminary estimate of displacement, weights etc.
    • Preliminary GA, Preliminary layouts
    • Preliminary technical specifications including hull, propulsion, electrical, sub. systems etc.
    • Preliminary intact and damaged stability calculations.
    • Preliminary powering including preliminary propeller design and selection of machinery.
    • Electrical load analysis and selection of Generators etc.
    • Specification of major equipment & maker’s list
    • Preliminary cost estimates
    • Endurance calculations
    • Preliminary structural analysis and mid-ship section

    The projects were technically accepted by the Navy during tender evaluation.

    In addition ICG-OPV (95 m long) design was made available to Bharati Shipyard.

  • Composite layout arrangements/ drawings: Prepared complete set for a commercial vessel after interference removal and delivered to Bharati Shipyard.
  • Executed Infrastructure Analysis for Augmentation/ optimisation of Shipyard Facilities/ Layout of a JITF shipyard at Kolkata.
  • Provided onsite design support to Bharati shipyard for preparation of production and as-fitted drawings for a Jack Up rig project.
  • Provided consultancy services to M/s Cussons Technology, UK for Sea Keeping & Maneuvering Basin, at Visakhapatnam.
  • Provided RFIs & RFPs support to a reputed Indian private shipyard on ongoing basis.
  • Provided consultancy for feasibility design of a ASW Shallow Water Crafts, Floating Dock, Multi Role Vessel to Bharati Shipyard.
  • Undertook production and detailed design for a 112 meters long research vessel hull under construction at Bharti Shipyard.
  • Delivered Concept Design and Technical Specifications to NCPOR (Ministry of Earth Sciences) for:
    • Oceanographic Research Vessels
    • Fisheries & Oceanographic Research Vessel

Ongoing Orders/Projects

Following are the current orders/projects Grintex India Ltd is executing:

  • GRINTEX jointly with an Indian multinational IT services company is presently providing onsite design support services to the Indian Navy. GRINTEX design engineers are working at Navy’s in-house design organisation for a long term project since 2010.
  • Development of exploitation documents, CPLs, Maintops etc for a strategic platform of DRDO.
  • Grintex India Ltd has been awarded the contract for the design, project management , construction supervision and acquisition of 132 m Polar Research Vessel for NCPOR, India. The scope of work includes following:-
    • Development of concept design, technical specifications, cost estimation etc. This included comparison of various propulsion options and recommendation for the option to be adopted.
    • Preparation of EOI/RFP/Tender documents, We also assisted NCPOR in justifying the cost for Project approval.
    • Assistance to NCPOR in Tender evaluation, Pre bid meetings, price negotiation and formulation of contract.
    • Scrutiny and approval of drawings submitted by shipyard including class drawings
    • Witness of model tests.
    • Onsite construction supervision for the entire duration of construction covering hull, engineering and electrical aspects.
    • Witness harbor/sea and ice trials on behalf of the owner.

Customers and Partners

Indian Navy NCPOR DRDO Bharati TCS Cussons Skipsteknisk

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