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Ethics & Compliance

At Grintex we take ethics and compliance very seriously. We believe that a company should be built on strong fundamental values. Ethics is considered as the most important core value at Grintex. Integrity and Ethics is inculcated in every member of the Grintex team through training and practice. Grintex has a zero tolerance policy towards Ethical behaviour. Grintex takes pride in its excellent reputation thanks to the ethical business practices followed by the company in its dealings with all customers and suppliers. Grintex also ensures that the reputation of its Indian and global partners are maintained with the utmost integrity.

Grintex has been associated with major Fortune 100 companies for more than two decades now. Grintex has always enjoyed the goodwill, trust and respect of its partners due to its high standards of ethics and integrity. Grintex strictly complies to international regulations such as USFCPA, OECD, UK Anti-Bribary Act and Trace and regularly receives compliance training from our international partners.